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Coaching Services

Conscious Parenting

One of the most challenging things in today’s fast growing world, is being a parent! Struggling to keep up, new hurdles every day and the ever growing worry of being judged - it all plays its part in creating situations where parents just need that helping hand to get the best out of themselves, their child and their relationship. 


Through the teachings of CPMCP (Conscious Parenting Method Certification Programme), I can aid parents with specific strategies and techniques to ‘help parents help their children' and to help them both reach their fullest potential.


Together we can explore what it means to be ‘conscious’ - how to be in the moment of parenting and not play out OUR previous paradigms and behaviours. 


By becoming ‘conscious’ today - we can make better choices which will bring about a better tomorrow. 


Together in our sessions we can explore and identify:


- problem areas in the parent-child relationships,

- explore with parents alternatives to traditional disciplinary techniques, 

  • help reduce the occurrence of triggers and conflict, and 

  • teach parents and children to trust, connect and ultimately build stronger bonds

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Home Schooling

General Coaching

If the version of yourself is not one that you're happy with - it's time for an upgrade. Through this coaching program you will uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and develop tools to help you progress.



Be deconstructing particular disruptive patterns, we can discover the root causes of your blocks and challenges. We can change the meaning of past events so you can be healed and liberated to move forward.


Throughout this Coaching program we start to awaken from our unconscious behaviors and reconnect to our consciousness. 


When you reconnect to the ‘authentic you’ - you learn how to ground yourself and reclaim your voice, your power and your self worth.

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Children and Adults of Adoption Coaching

Being an adopted child myself, I grew up having a parallel view of what ‘family’ was.


As I believed, I had two families - My Adopted Family and My Birth Family who I didn’t know. And it was because of this that I’ve always had big unanswered questions: ‘Where did I come from?’ What are my roots?’ ‘What if…?’


Through my own personal journey through different therapies and coaching, I was able to deconstruct ‘the identity and story’ I was attached to and found a new perspective of where I fit in the world.


Through my experience and related training, I feel I can help deconstruct the anxieties and concerns of adopted adults and children and offer a paradigm shift, a new perspective, that enables us adoptees to deal with the challenges we face and build a brighter future.


Through the sessions we would look into the below aspects of Adoption:


Aces Assessment, 


Trauma / PTSD,

Primal wounds



Inner Child process, 

Somatic Therapy,

 Internal Regulation,

 Anxiety, Depression,

Polyvagal Theory

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Book your initial 30 minute Discovery Call with me

Girls in White Dresses

We all have subconscious beliefs that need to be upgraded. I had an amazing session with Fiona and highly recommend het. She is very compassionate and is able to hold a safe space for you for the transformation to take place.

Nienie Wood

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